About Us

La Serenissima is part of the chain of organic stores named cuorebio, and is also a Qui Demeter* store. La Serenissima gathers a number of ecological solutions that follow the cuorebio format of "shopping with zero impact": fridges with doors closed, FSC certified natural paints on the walls and furniture, furniture made with FSC certified wood (Forest Stewardship Council is a trademark that represents a global forestry certification system guaranteeing that products are made of raw material from forests that are managed correctly and responsibly, according to strict environmental, social and economic standards), the exclusive use of recycled paper and biodegradable and recyclable shopping bags, and organic cotton uniforms for the employees.

The goal is to offer a response to the demand for organic products in sustainable ways. Since 1983, we’ve been taking care of the organic and biodynamic quality of our products. Times have changed, and the customers were skeptical about organic. Now, however, the awareness of "healthy living" has increased, and La Serenissima offers its customers the opportunity to get closer to organic food, synonymous with quality, food safety and environmental protection, with a variety of products to choose from: from fruit right from the orchard to packaged products, including pasta, biscuits, milk, cheese, meat and even beauty creams.

More than a store, La Serenissima is a real supermarket where you can find everything and all very healthy: the fruits and vegetables come from crops that do not involve the use of chemicals, fruit juices are really natural, shelves of delicious spices, almond milk and goat's milk, yogurt for all tastes, puffed buckwheat, spelt flour and kamut, products for allergies, sweeteners, food for children, and even products for house cleaning.

La Serenissima is located at 4350 Corte Coppo, halfway between Piazza San Marco and La Fenice Theatre, behind calle dei Fuseri, in the heart of the city.

*The brand DEMETER ensures that food products or their ingredients come from biodynamic crops or farms. The brand is present in all continents and inspects and certifies the entire range of biodynamic products from around the world. The associations that are present in various nations gather at an International Federation who coordinates the various disciplines of cultivation. Demeter-International represents about 3,000 producers in 35 states. A complete verification process ensures strict compliance with Demeter’s International Standards on Production and Processing, as well as to organic standards applicable in the various countries, at every stage of the process, from agricultural production to the processing of the product.